Urban Slut Academy

The Urban Sluts are a bit more than what they seem. Most of them attend classes at the Central University of New Toy Slaves, or CUNTS, for short.

The campus itself is one building, rather like a community college, located near the town square, but has gained a certain notoriety. Step inside, and on the first floor, you'll find the receptionist's desk to your right, and the library on your left. Both seem fairly typical...until you start asking around in the halls and get an idea of what goes on there. Also on the first floor you'll find the two classroms, the nurse's station, and one room in the back corner that houses some strange machine...wonder what it could be for...

Head upstairs and you'll first find yourself in the gym, where there's no baskatball hoops, but a mud-filled kiddie pool and some bleachers. On the other side of the stairs, there's the bathrooms, shower room, and locker room. Then, accessible from the locker room or the gym itself is the student dormitory, but...there's just shelves with bunks...and some rather odd amenities for a dorm! Lastly, looking over the library is the testing center, which contains....a sofa, a bed and a stripper pole?!?! Just WHAT do they teach these girls?!?!

Try the:
- Library orgy chairs
- Spanking chair
- Principal's desk
- Student desks in Classrom #2 (I will not diddle myself in class...)
- Nurse's examination chair
- Bimbotron programmer
- Mud wrestling pool
- Akasha's sex shower
- SexGen sink
- SexGen tolet
- SexGen lockers
- Dorm lesbian orgy sofa
- Sybian
- Triangle sawhorse
- Madame's boy box
- SineWave stripper pole
- Deviant bed

There's lots of areas to enjoy oneself, some company, and maybe some of the students or even the faculty...
You may also view our ESCORT BOARDS to see what girls are available.
If the board says ONLINE in Green, this means she is Online and you should contact her.
If the boards says OFFLINE in Red, this means the girls is Offline at the moment.
Either way, simply click the Escort board to be given a copy of her Personal Note Card, she will get a notification (including your name) and she will contact you as soon as she possibly can.
Included with the Slave Girl Escort is use of the entire campus at no extra charge.

~~~~~ 12 Roleplay/sex rooms at the Toy Slaves University ~~~~~~

If you have your own playmate/slave and would like to enjoy our charming little schoolhouse, the area itself can be rented by the hour for a small fee.
- Principal's Office
- Two Classrooms
- Nurse's Station
- Hypnosis Room
- Gym
- Bathroom
- Showers
- Locker Room
- Dormitory
- Testing Center

Dress and Deportment:
Urban Sluts and Toy Slaves - The faculty is SUPPOSED to dress in conservative, office-style attire, or slacks/skirts and cardigans, but lately the teachers have been known to show a glimpse of their garters...and the nurse, well, let's just say she looks good in OR out of white. The school's student uniforms consist of conservative, collared shirts and jackets, demure, knee-length pleated skirts, sheer calf socks, and black buckled girl's shoes or pumps...but nobody really follows THAT code. Usually, the girls get away with stilletto heels or thigh-high hooker boots. Their shirts are tied to cover little more than a bra would, and the skirts are cut so short you can see half their asses. To top it all off, a lot of the girls conveniently "forget" to wear panties...

Toy Slaves - Urban Sluts - We love spanking, classroom play, sitting in the corner and playing with ourselves, catfights, mudwrestling, giving each other swirlies, impromptu drunken orgies, showering right next to the windows in the shower room, pelvic exams in the Nurse's office, feeling all wet and woozy after a few turns in the bimbotron, and all manner of recreation in the girl's dorm....

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