Malibu Beach Babes

It's Fantastic to be Plastic!!!

Think Pink, Plastic, Blonde, Big Breasts, and Beautiful.

Every boys wet dream cum true. To fuck a living breathing Doll. From her oversized bouncing breasts and her shiny blond hair to her hungry blue eyes, all she wants is you. Its our Malubu Beach Babe's desire to be used. All our Doll's want is to please you, to give you pleasure. Our Malubu Beach Babe girls live to be used!

Visit the Malubu Beach Babe Portal, located at Toy Slaves Brothel, there you can find a variety of Malubu Beach Babe Toys to choose from. After you choose your Malubu Beach Babe, you can take her to the Malubu Beach there you can undress and play with your Malubu Beach Babe Doll. You can sit on the beach, hang 10 in the waves, and take her up to your room, where you can enjoy all of her fabulous features.

You may also view our ESCORT BOARDS to see what girls are available.
If the board says ONLINE in Green, this means she is Online and you should contact her.
If the boards says OFFLINE in Red, this means the girls is Offline at the moment.
Either way, simply click the Escort board to be given a copy of her Personal Note Card, she will get a notification (including your name) and she will contact you as soon as she possibly can.
Included with the Toy Slave escort is a room of your choice at no extra charge.

~~~~~ Themed Sex Rooms at The Malubu Beach Babe Doll House ~~~~~~

If you have your own playmate but would like to enjoy the Dollhouse, the parcel may be rented for couple or group use without an escort.


Room/Area rental Rates:
25L for 15 Minutes
50L for 30 mionutes
100L for 60 Minutes
200L for 120 Minutes
Longer times are negotiable; ask Priestess Jenna Hansen or Madame Aprille Shepherd

Dress and Deportment:
Our Malubu Beach Babe doll girls wear skimpy, barely there outfits. They like to show off their large breasts and round asses. Pink, of course, is all of our Malubu Beach Babe dolls favorite color. So they like to wear it a lot! Our plastic dollies like to wear very tall stilettos. The taller, the better. They love high heels, and enjoy matching them to every outfit they own! Our Malubu Beach Babe also like their hair to be pretty, shiny, and of course BLONDE!

Bimbo Malubu Beach Babe Dolls love to be told what to do, and love to please. Hell, LIVE to please is more like it. Seriously, their only thoughts are being pretty and pleasing. Big boobs are pleasing. Being bubbly and inviting and dumb...that's pleasing. Suckiing and worshipping cock is pleasing. Being a passed around slut is pleasing. Basically, these girls are like hyper-realistic blowup dolls that fuck back and love to shop.

1. Gentlemanly and ladylike conduct is expected No greifing.
2. No nudity allowed on the first floor except for the escorts entertaining guests.
3. Freelance escorts are not allowed t solicit customers in the sims.
4. Real life has to take precedence over Second Life play.
5. Payments are made prior to play, and additional payments for extended play must also be made before time is extended. No credit.
6. Absolutely no age play, no age related play, no mention of age play, no simulation of age play.

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