Toy French Maids

Just about every man (and many women's) list of fantasies includes the unforgettable French Maid. Our slave French maids are owned by Madame Aprille Shepherd, and are mostly European Girls, many of which are actually French. The maids are all highly trained servants, who treat guests as though they were their Masters themselves. For a fee, they'll even offer services beyond the typical maid's job description...

The mansion itself an authentic grand villa, the first floor of which is the communal gathering place. It contains a piano bar, living room, patio, and a pool; on this floor are all the little accoutrements the maids need to go about their daily chores. After enjoying some Dom Perignon and lovely piano music, you can the Maid(s) of your choice to one of the private rooms around the house, where they'll provde extra special service.


- Sex Kitchen
- Piano (Music)
- Dining Table with Food and eat/drink animations
- Foot Fetish Sofa and Furs (by the Fireplace)
- Jazz Lap Dance Love Seat
- SineWave Dance Pole and Chair

- St. Andrews Crosse
- BDSM Bed/Cage
- Wall Rack
- Furs
- Spanking Horse
- Stocks
- Master's Throne
- Giant Wine Barrel Cage

- BDSM Sex Bed
- Tub
- Shower
- Sink
- Badet
- Toilet

You may also view our ESCORT BOARDS to see what girls are available.

If the board says ONLINE in Green, this means she is Online and you should contact her.

If the boards says OFFLINE in Red, this means the girls is Offline at the moment.

Either way, simply click the Escort board to be given a copy of her Personal Note Card, she will get a notification (including your name) and she will contact you as soon as she possibly can.

Included with the French Maid Escort is a room of your choice at no extra charge.

If you have your own playmate but would like to enjoy our Beautiful Themed Sex Villas and Play Areas you may rent the villa without our Maid Escort via the pay pad at the entrace to each of our Portals around the club.



Dress and Deportment:
These girls wear the classic French Maid getup, in black and white. You know the kind....that white apron over black, with a cute little hat and a push-up bra or bodice top showing her ample cleavage. Moving down, there's that frilly skirt so short you get a great view every time she arches her back or bends over to dust something. Then there's the thigh high stockings, with those lovely long seams and often with bows in the back, just calling out for you to give her a break from cleaning up!

These girls are all about service. Need a drink? A back rub, or your house cleaned? They are on the job, and get it done PRONTO. Of course, they're human, so they will make mistakes, but that's why those frilly panties come down so redden that backside for some "correction". And that's just the start, as these are some of the most dedicated, accommodating servants you'll find anywhere...but as often as you'll want to keep them busy with *ahem* other tasks, the poor dears might never get their housekeeping done...

Ooo La La...
A giggle. A wiggle. A flash of flesh. Your eyes are captivated, following the feather duster. Slowly, up one silky leg, then down the other. Ohhhhh, those legs. So long, so shapely, so well encased in those lovely lacey stockings. Your eyes follow the curve of the calf, the bend of the knee, the shape of the thigh. Another giggle and another wiggle, and you get a glimpse of white lacey panties. Panties you say? Well, in name maybe, but what you saw was more pink and moist flesh than lace.

Oooops, she dropped her duster. As she bends to pick it up, the tiny skirt rides up and up and up and you feel the twinge in your loins. You must have her, this wonderful girl, so light, so fresh, and so..... so.... what is the word? Available, yes, that is the word. She makes no secret about it. She bends forward, her breast visible through the deep plunging neckline of her dress. The tiny apron is just another tease. And that wiggle, that awesome sexy wiggle.

She is clumsy though, she keeps dropping her duster, and she keeps picking it up, bending at the waist, exposing herself to you, her brigth smile inviting. You follow her, up the stairs, your eyes glued to her legs. And now, the bedroom..... you are on your own, champ, show her what you can do.

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