Asian Dolls

Asian Doll Escorts are the Finest Escorts, Dominatrixes, Humiliatrixes and Role Players that SL has to offer; providing excellence in all aspects of eroticism, sensuality, sexuality and role play. All speak English, some speak additional languages, like French, German, Spanish and Asian Languages.

You may also view our ESCORT AND DOMINANT ESCORT BOARDS to see what Escorts are available.

If the board says ONLINE in Green, this means she is Online and you should contact her.

If the boards says OFFLINE in Red, this means the girls is Offline at the moment.

Either way, simply click the Escort board to be given a copy of her Personal Note Card, she will get a notification (including your name) and she will contact you as soon as she possibly can.

Included with the Asian Doll Escort is a Villa or Play Area of your choice at No Extra Charge!
You can simply RENT the Villa or Play Area and Pay at the Pay Pad.


Dress and Deportment: The Asian Doll Escorts wear the most exquisite ensembles, from fashion dresses to lingerie, latex, bondage gear, anything to accentuate their physical assets, and display themselves to you. Full nudity is also common in the Villas and Play Areas.

Fetishes: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Asian Filipna, Bangkok, Tokyo, Japan, China, Thailand, Oriental, Shaved, Cherry, Exotic, Erotic, Hentai, Japanese schoolgirls, massage, Shibari, Kinbaku, Rope, Tie, Bondage, BDSM, Hog Tied, Lotus, Lilly, Knot, Sokubaku, Asiaphilia, bukkake, Sex Vacation, sex tourists, Asian Sex Dolls, Pacific, Tenticle, cartoons, Comics, sex games, Adult, Heels, Shoes, Sword, Katana, Kata, Ninja, Kimono, Tai Chi, gongfu, Kung fu, Karate, Shaolin, Fight, Battle, Zen, Ying Yang, feng shui, Feng Suay

The Asian Dolls are trained and skilled in just about any fetish you may imagine. We are fully equipped with all the facilities, and the Dommes also have access to other facilities within the Toy Slaves family should what you need or want not be available readily.


The room is sparse. The lights are dim. In the corner, she lies, naked, helpless. The hemp rope encircles her body in a very specific pattern, she looks akward, uncomfortable, yet she is a picture of eroticism. Pain grows within her as her body tries to adapt to the strange positioning, every movement sends shivers through her spine as the rope bites deeper in her flesh, feeling it constrict her breasts, pull harder against her sex.

He stands above her, admiring his handywork. Every moan escaping from her lips enhances his satisfaction. She will not reach orgasm, not today. Today, she is punished, she is bound for his pleasure. Because he wishes it to be so.


The pain in her arms and legs grow as time goes by. Suspended from the ceiling harsh sisal rope laced around her body, separating her breasts, biting in her arms and legs. Her flesh turns purple from the constrictions, her weight pulling her down, tighthening the ropes even more. Spread eagle, open, exposed, she is to be fucked, for her punishment, for his extasy. He moves towards her, his latex covered hands slapping her flesh, feeling the throbbing in his cock as he gets closer and closer. He torments her with his cock as he rams inside her, fucking the tied woman, punishing her until she reaches orgasm, pain and pleasures overwhelming her. The orgasm is for him, driving hard in her, deeper and harder, her screams musical melodies to his ears.

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