Arabian Nights ~ Morocco

The ARABIAN NIGHTS MOROCCO Group is mostly made up of girls and boys with Gorean style training. All speak English. The setting for our Arabian Nights Area is a Moroccan slave trading villlage, on the north coast of Africa. If you look carefully, you can see the south west of France on one side. Gibraltar is across the bay. From quite a distance. the Arab slave traders can be heard yelling and cracking their whips as they unload their fresh captives in chains. At the docks, the hapless slaves are collared, branded, and then caged for the night.

This is the crossroads between East and girls of all colors from all corners of the Earth find themselves captive here, trained to serve as pleasure slaves. They traders have discriminating tatse, and only deal and keep the very finest specimens of womanhood. To a girl, they all have smooth skin, delicate features, soft hair, long legs...and of course, ample, curvaceous, and well-proportioned breasts, hips, and bottoms, lithe and flexible from dancing.

Try the:
- Hammocks
- Slave Cages
- Dock Master's Desk
- Slave Posts
- Branding Equiment
- Anvil and Hammer
- The Hukia
- Treasure Chest
- Belly Dance Table
- Furs
- Camp Fire
- Barrel Bath Tub
- Bitch Log
- Bread Oven
- Pottery Wheel
and up on the hill.. Fire The Cannon!

You will find several areas to relax and play, and if the price is right, the slave traders may just let you join them or even rent one of their beautiful slave girls for an hour.

ARABIAN NIGHTS MOROCCO AT TSB are the Finest Escorts SL has to offer; providing excellence in all aspects of eroticism, sensuality, sexuality and role play. All speak English, some speak additional languages, like French, German, Spanish.

You may also view our ESCORT BOARDS to see what girls are available.

If the board says ONLINE in Green, this means she is Online and you should contact her.

If the boards says OFFLINE in Red, this means the girls is Offline at the moment.

Either way, simply click the Escort board to be given a copy of her Personal Note Card, she will get a notification (including your name) and she will contact you as soon as she possibly can.

Included with the Slave Girl Escort is a Villa or Play Area of your choice at No Extra Charge!


Dress and Deportment: The Toy Slave Escorts wear the most exquisite ensembles, from fashion dresses to lingerie, latex, bondage gear, anything to accentuate their physical assets, and display themselves to you. Full nudity is also common in the Villas and Play Areas.

Fetishes: The Escorts are trained and skilled in just about any fetish you may imagine. We are fully equipped with all the facilities, and the Models also have access to other facilities within the Toy Slaves family should what you need or want not be available readily.

- Masters Home with Bath House
- Master Dungeon and Training Room (upper level of home)
- Sultain's Tent
- Sultain's Slave Tent 1
- Sultain's Slave Tent 2
Dress and Deportment:

What a girl wears here depends on her state as a fresh captive, work slave, or pleasure slave. In the beginning, a girl will be stripped nude or allowed to wear some rope and nets. A slavegirl at work with some menial task will be dressed in skimpy rags so that her finer garb is not ruined. And that finer garb usually consists of imported, expensive silks. These silks flow with every movement, especially dance. Often, these silks are held together with rope, leather, or even gold, silver, and gems. The fabric itself is mainly decoration, and often covers little more than the girl's most intimate parts...

In time, most of the girls here paradoxically find freedom in their enslavement. They find simplicity in living to please their Masters....nothing more. Some of them even enjoy being bad or impertininet from time to time, needing to sexually serve and craving the crack of the whip to remind them of their place as slaves....

1. Gentlemanly and ladylike conduct is expected No greifing.
2. Freelance escorts are not allowed t solicit customers on Brothel land..
3. Real life has to take precedence over Second Life play.
4. Payments are made prior to play, and additional payments for extended play must also be made before time is extended. No credit.
5. Absolutely no age play, no age related play, no mention of age play, no simulation of age play.

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